Our Team

For all your inquiries and reservations, please call Member Services at...

541-386-3230 – Hood River

541-298-8508 – The Dalles

...or use the web-form.

Whenever you need to contact us directly, we are here for you, just find our email below and shoot us a message.


Dianna Risley - General Manager dianna@gorgeathleticclubs.com

Cathy James - Billing & Accounts cathy@gorgeathleticclubs.com

Coral Worth - HR Club Manager coral@gorgeathleticclubs.com

Victor Cervantes - TD Club Manager victor@gorgeathleticclubs.com

Kim Robinson - Director of Personal + Small Group Training, NASM CPT, CES


Craig Pearce - Director of Tennis capearce84@juno.com

Kevin Beeson - HR/TD Tennis Pro kevin@gorgeathleticclubs.com

David Sturdyvin - TD Tennis Pro david@gorgeathleticclubs.com


Harleigh Knoll harleigh@gorgeathleticclubs.com

Chelsea Taylor chelsea@gorgeathleticclubs.com

Chy Crichton chy@gorgeathleticclubs.com

Bea Hager bea@gorgeathleticclubs.com

Kathy Fisher kathyf@gorgeathleticclubs.com


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